Shippop Terms of Use


     Welcome to Shippop’s website ("Site"). These terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply to the  usage of services you ordered with Shippop Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and all of the internet sites with reference to these Terms and Conditions operated by its subsidiaries and affiliate (if any).


    Shippop reserves its right to change, modify, review or delete any of these Terms and Conditions from time to time in its discretion. No further notice will be provided upon the updates and/or changes and your continued usage of Site shall be deemed to constitute its acknowledgement and acceptance of those changes.


1. Interpretation


1.1        In these Terms and Conditions:



means the designated person or entity receiving or shall receive the Consignment;


means a parcel or a group of parcels to be collected by Courier Service Provider and deliver to the Consignee’s designated address;

“Courier Service Provider"

means all and any shipping, delivery and/or courier service provider that Shippop may at any time or from time to time as it deems fit sub-contract, assign and/or appoint to provide the services;

“Shipping Label”

means the documentation generated by Shippop and attached on Consignment by the User;


means Shippop Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.(1226765-W), a company incorporated in Malaysia having its principal business address at Level 9, Menara HLX, No.3 Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;


means the person or entity which made or placed an order/booking with Shippop engaging the Courier Service Provider to transport/deliver the Consignment to the designated Consignee; and

“Working Day”

means 9am to 6pm, from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in Kuala Lumpur



1.2        The headings in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of any parties.


2. Shippop


2.1        Shippop engages in the business of shipping solution that provides delivery, shipping and logistic services through the  Site and/or any other channel.

2.2        Shippop shall arrange for collection of Consignment from the User and deliver the same to the Consignee through the services of Courier Service Provider that the User has opted for.

2.3        Shippop reserves the right to refuse any order/booking with or without any reason given.


3. Packaging


3.1        The User shall pack the parcel(s) in accordance with the packaging guidelines as per Courier Provider of which:

  • (A) the parcel(s) must be packed to a professional standard. All items must be packed in a double walled box with further padding surrounding the item;

  • (B) the parcel(s) and item contained in the Consignment must be able to withstand a short drop;

  • (C) it shall attach the Shipping Label on the Consignment;

  • (D) the Shipping Label number is applicable for one (1) Consignment only. Sharing of Shipping Label number for multiple or separated Consignments is not allowed;

  • (E) the Shipping Label attached shall be clearly legible; 

  • (F) the content of parcel(s) displayed or listed on the Shipping Label (if any) is accurate;

3.2        The User’s failure to comply with the packaging guidelines as per Courier Provider may result in the damage claim being rejected (if any).


4. Collection


4.1        Shippop will commence the services ordered by User only upon the User’s full settlement of the fees and charges incurred.

4.2        The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that:

  • (A) it or its representatives shall attend and be present at the collection address during the collection time. Failing which, there will be no refunds and re-collection of parcel for unattended collection;

  • (B) in the event the User is arranging for collection from a third party’s collection address, the User shall be responsible to ensure there is someone at the third party’s collection address to attend for the collection; 

  • (C) it shall request for a signature on the sender's copy from the Courier Service Provider’s rider upon collection.

4.3        If the collection fails:

  • (A) it shall be the User's responsibility to inform

  • (B) inform Shippop of the failed collection via email within forty eight (48) hours from the collection time; 

  • (C) Shippop will use its best endeavor to rearrange for next collection which is convenient to the User and available to Courier Service Provider; and

  • (D) in the event Shippop has not been informed of the failed collection as indicated above, the order shall remain valid for seven (7) days from the date of order/booking made. The order/booking shall be deemed expired and cancelled on the eighth (8th) day without refund to the User.

4.4        The Courier Service Provider will provide its collection services of Consignment on its working days. Kindly refer to Table A below:


Table A


Federal States

Working Day

Off  Day

Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah
and Johor

  • Sunday to Thursday (full day)

Friday & Saturday

Other States (Penisular & East Malaysia)

  • Monday to Friday (full day)

Saturday & Sunday


4.5        The Consignment is available for tracking & tracing after collection by Courier Service Provider.


5. Delivery


5.1        Courier Service Provider will provide its delivery services of Consignment on its working days as stated in Table A.

5.2        If the Consignee fails to take delivery of Consignment, Courier Service Provider’s rider may leave a card at the designated address requesting for manual collection, failing which the Consignment may be returned to the depot.


6. Surcharge


6.1        The User shall pay for the fees/charges according to the details ie. weight and dimensions of the Consignment keyed into the Site and/or provide to Shippop through any other channel. Extra fees/charges are chargeable and payable in the events:

  • (A) there is weight/dimension discrepancy, of which such Consignment will be placed on hold in Courier Service Provider's hub and be proceeded further only upon Shippop’s receipt of the extra charges from User. Unclaimed parcel of over thirty (30) days will be disposed and no longer be valid for claim.

  • (B) if consignment is to be sent to, or collected from outskirt areas;

  • (C) if the Consignment has to be returned; and/or

  • (D) if customs duty/tax is payable and chargeable by relevant authority.


7. Late delivery


7.1        In any event the Courier Service Provider shall be prevented or has been delayed from carrying out or completing its services due to the event of force majeure, the User shall have no claim for damages against Shippop for any loss that the User may suffer as a result of the delay.

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, “force majeure” shall mean the events including not limited to strike, lock out, labour dispute, weather traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown or obstruction of any public or private road or highway or any other cause beyond Shippop or Courier Service Provider’s control. 


8. Prohibited and No Compensation Items


8.1        Certain items are:

  • (A) strictly prohibited by and/or the Courier Service Provider;

  • (B) not eligible and/or entitled to claim for compensation. Shippop and/or the Courier Service Provider is not responsible and liable for the loss and damage pertaining to such items. Please refer to the list here.

8.2        The User acknowledges and agrees that:

  • (A) it is the User’s responsibility to examine the list or to contact Shippop to check if the item is being prohibited;&

  • (B) the parcel and/or Consignment shall not contain any prohibited item, failing which the User shall indemnify Shippop for all or any action claims losses damages costs charges whatsoever arising as a result of the non compliance of this provision;

  • (C) Shippop

    shall have the right to intercept, hold and investigate the contents of any parcel which has been suspected to contain prohibited item and or involving any fraud at its own discretion and thereafter to inform/notify the relevant authority (if necessary);
  • (D) in the event that Courier Service Provider has collected any of the prohibited items from the User, the User shall be liable to pay the surcharge to have the parcel returned to the User (if applicable); and

  • (E) Shippop

    shall have the right to dispose of any prohibited item (whether in whole or in part) and the User shall then be liable to pay the fees/charges incurred by Shippop for the disposal.


9. Damage/Loss


9.1        All claims for damage/loss have to be reported by User to Shippop via email, phone call or Live Chat.

9.2        Shippop will deal with the claim for damage/loss:

  • (A) within two (2) Working Days upon Shippop’s receipt of complaint made by User in compliance with Table B above;

  • (B) if Shippop has been provided with:

  •       (i)        order/tracking number of the particular Consignment;

  •       (ii)       detailed description of the claim;

  •       (iii)      photo(s) of the damaged/broken item(s);

  •       (iv)      cost invoice proving the value of the item/Consignment; and

  • (C) if the claim is made by the User directly.

9.3        The claim for damage and/or loss will be rejected if:

  • (A) the item is any of the prohibited and/or no compensation items;

  • (B) the claim is resulted from a parcel not packaged at a professional standard; .

  • (C) the item is damaged as a result of fall with the packaging intact;

  • (D) the item is not correctly labeled;

  • (E) the original packaging materials of the Consignment is not available for inspection or is not remained/kept in its original state as it was received by Consignee; and/or

  • (F) the claim is resulted by force majeure, including not limited to act of God and/or consequences of war.


10. Warranties and Undertakings


10.1      The User acknowledges that services it ordered hereof will be subjected to the service terms and conditions of the Courier Service Provider it opts for; of which, the User hereby confirms and agrees to be bound by same accordingly.

10.2      In the event the User shall fail refuse and/or neglect to comply with

  • (A) any of the provisions herein, particularly without limited to this Clauses 3 and 8; and
  • (B) terms and conditions of the Courier Service Provider, Shippop shall be entitled to forthwith suspend, close, cease and/or deactivate the account of User without notice to User, until such time as the same is remedied.

10.3      Shippop does not warrant that the services rendered by Courier Service Provider will be uninterrupted, timely and/or secured.


11. Liability


11.1      Transit cover:

  • (A) Each Consignment comes with a limited amount of transit cover. If the User requires coverage on the full amount then the User must cover the full value of the Consignment as the additional cover replaces the inclusive liability cover; and

  • (B) Transit cover applies to each Consignment only and not per parcel within a multi-parcel Consignment.

11.2      Shippop’s liability is strictly limited to placement of order specifically excluding any loss or damage directly or indirectly resulted by Courier Service Provider. To the fullest extent permitted by laws, Shippop shall not be liable, whether directly or indirectly, for

  • (A) loss of actual or anticipated profits,
  • (B) loss of goodwill,
  • (C) loss of business,
  • (D) loss of data and/or the costs of restoration of data,
  • (E) administrative inconvenience;
  • (F) disappointment and/or
  • (G) consequential loss or damage howsoever caused or arising out of any problem in relation to the services the User ordered.

11.3      Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the entire liability of Shippop for all claims is limited to the cost of sending the item only. In no circumstances shall it exceed the amount abovementioned.


12. Payment and Account


12.1      The User shall make full payment to Shippop for the amount chargeable and payable by the User for the services ordered prior to the commencement of services.

12.2      No refunds/reductions will be given once payment has been made, notwithstanding:

  • (A) any surplus or extra payment made by the User; and

  • (B) Courier Service Provider receives less than the quantity of parcels upon collection from the quantity that the User has ordered/booked with Shippop.

12.3      The User hereby represents and warrants that:

  • (A) the account registered with Shippop is held under valid personal identity; and/or

  • (B) it is the duly authorized person to register and hold account with Shippop for the corporate entity (if applicable)

12.4      Account closure may subject to administration fee determined by Shippop in its discretion and the User shall only close its Shippop account upon the full settlement of any remaining charges, dispute fee or administration fee (if any)